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10 Years of the Zoology Foundation!

Posted on: November 20th, 2019

This fall, ZoFo celebrated 10 years as an organization!

It all started with a simple dinner with friends. In 2009, our founder, Jami Jensen, was out to dinner and the topic of Craigslist was brought up. Someone mentioned, “You can find anything on Craigslist!” Jami replied with a simple, “Well, I’ve always wanted a camel, do you think I could find a camel?” Sure enough, listed on Craigslist was an orphaned baby camel that needed a home. It didn’t take long for Jami to go pick up baby Chewbacca, or Chewie for short, and bring him to his forever home. Little did he know, he would be the start and inspiration for an organization that would help many more animals just like Chewie.

A short time later, Jami found another orphaned baby camel that needed a home, so Han Solo came to the sanctuary as a companion for Chewie. Knowing that camels can live 40 – 50 years, Jami knew she needed to protect these two boys for life, so she started the Zoology Foundation. It started with these two, and has grown to over 140 animals!

Over the last 10 years, the organization has grown and evolved into something our staff is very proud to share. Our first priority is providing sanctuary to animals in need. Of the 140 animals that call our sanctuary home, a majority are rescued or surrendered by their previous owners. From hoarding and neglect, to unexpected life changes that cause their owners to have to surrender, our residents’ stories run the gamut.

Once they arrive at the sanctuary, they live out their lives surrounded by love and proper care. From the beginning, at our organization’s core, is a love for animals and an understanding that they deserve happy, humane lives. This core passion drives our animal care philosophy and all decisions made about caring for the residents.

In addition to the sanctuary, the other main force driving our organization is education. We believe that the best way to make changes for animals and our planet is to teach the facts, then to motivate individuals to take action. We’re excited to share our passion with all ages through tours, camps, assemblies, and more!

The past 10 years have been adventurous and trying, but great overall. Like every organization starting out, we have tried projects that didn’t work out, faced tougher times, and questioned our direction and what we should do next. After 10 years, we’re very happy with our purpose and direction, and look forward to sharing the next 10 with all of you!

Image: Founder, Jami Jensen, and Chewie!

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