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About Us

A More Humane World, Today​

At the Zoology Foundation, our mission is to:

Inspire positive connections between people, animals, and the environment through animal interactions and by providing sanctuary to animals.

There are many animals in need of a home. It may be due to abusive or neglectful owners, a move to somewhere the animal is no longer allowed, financial limitations, or simply because the animal is no longer wanted. As a part of our mission at Zoology, we want to tell our guests the stories of the animals who live here and how they came to us. As well as how they can help prevent these situations from occurring in their own lives. We hope the animal stories will inspire guests to share their experience in order to spread knowledge and compassion for animals within their communities.

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Our Values

We’re Firm Believers in Practicing What We Preach

Humane living isn’t exactly the kind of thing you can phone in. Through every facet of our organization, we’re committed to upholding the values that make humane living and creating a more humane world possible. From our hiring process to every step we take to ensure our grounds stay clean, our animals happy, and every single person and organization we partner with educated and empowered, we work hard to exemplify the values we believe in deeply. Learn about our values and the ways we bring them to life below.

We Live Compassion
  • Operate from a place of empathy
  • Showcase understanding in all situations
  • Care for all living things
We Cherish Integrity
  • Ensure all business practices are ethical
  • Take responsibility for the world around us and our role in it
  • Hold each other accountable
  • Always choose truth and honesty over getting a leg up
We Continuously Improve
  • We work smart
  • We utilize tools and systems to ensure efficiency
  • Staying organized helps us maximize our impact
  • We do more with less
  • Humane living requires a certain amount of flexibility
  • Humility – we admit when we don’t know something or make a mistake
  • We aren’t afraid to evolve alongside our industry
  • We always listen to one another
  • We are always willing to learn and grow
We Exude Passion
  • We go the extra mile
  • We work hard
  • We do what other’s don’t
  • We thrive by helping others
We Foster Great Relationships
  • We seek out others
  • We build trust
  • We connect with animals
  • We connect with all members of our team
  • We connect with our greater community
  • We connect (and help others connect) with our global ecosystem

Our Team

Jami J. Jensen – Founder

Jami has been involved in non-profits most of her life. With a degree from Pepperdine University in Administrative Management with an emphasis on Not for Profit Business, Jami honed her business acumen by working for her family’s multiple businesses. Jami’s love of animals led her to open up seven pet stores in Southern California, which she ran until 1991. Jensen then moved to Colorado to raise and train Warmblood horses for competitive jumping.

Besides overseeing the Zoology Foundation, Jami currently sits on several boards including the Jenesis Foundation, a non-profit organization that aspires to improve the quality of life for our nations young people by investing in opportunities for youth to realize their full potential.

Anna Miller – General Manager

Anna has loved nature and wildlife since she was a little girl. Her father sparked this passion in her by taking her and her twin brother on fishing and camping trips every summer, which became her best childhood memories. These experiences convinced her that her role in life was to somehow help the environment. She went on to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she earned a BA degree in Wildlife Ecology, Information and Education. She then came to Colorado to work at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. There she did everything from animal care to tours and children’s programs.

Her goal in life is to ignite a curiosity in children for wildlife and nature, just like her father did for her!

Meg Schenk – Animal Care Team Lead/Veterinary Technician

Meg has been a licensed veterinary technician for 23 years and up until 2018, all of those years have been spent in equine practice. As a life-long animal lover and advocate, she is excited to apply her experience and skill set to a wide range of different animal species.

Meg has traveled to Central America five years running as part of the Equitarians/Project Samana group that provides veterinary care to working horses and donkeys. Additionally, she is an active supporter of 4H, serving the community as the Market Goat Superintendent for Douglas County the last four years. She enjoys spending her free time riding with her husband and enjoys practicing Natural Horsemanship techniques to improve her horsemanship.

Meg resides in Sedalia with her family and an entertaining menagerie of horses, goats, chickens, and a former street dog from the Dominican Republic.

Haley Kisicki – Animal Care Specialist

Haley is part of our animal care staff here at Zoology. She also assists with tours and children’s programs throughout the year. She has learned much from the professionals here while working at the sanctuary. Gaining the experience in both education and animal care has been extremely valuable to her. She has loved animals all her life and is committed to educating people on how to create a humane world where people and animals can live together more peacefully. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in psychology at UC Denver but hopes to work with animals as well as people in her future career. Her goals for her future education include a master’s degree in social work as well as a certificate in animal assisted social work to further her knowledge in the animal field.

Anna (AJ) Smith – Animal Care Technician

AJ has been passionate about animals and the environment since she was little. She grew up in Colorado with a canyon and open space practically in her backyard, cultivating an interest in the natural world. When she was 10, she got her first snake, sparking a love of ectotherms from then on. She knew that she wanted to work with animals in the field or in captivity, earning a BS in Biology from UCCS in her pursuit. Her goal has always been to teach people about animals they are often scared of and show that while not furry, they’re still very loveable! She started by getting neighborhood kids comfortable with her first snake, and hopes to continue helping people learn about animals and the natural world.

Between keeping a large variety of pets, from mammals to insects, and working at a doggy day care while in college, AJ has a wide degree of experience with animal care. While cold-blooded critters hold a special place in her heart, working at the Zoology Foundation has provided an exciting chance to learn about and care for an even wider variety of animals.

Brad D. – Animal Care Technician

With a degree in mathematics and a Master’s in Engineering, Brad has moved far away from the analytical world of numbers to the wonderful world of animals. While a young boy, he lived in Hawaii, about 40 yards from the ocean. He then moved to California spending time hiking in the back country of the Sierra Nevada. While working in the pristine areas of Alaska, he logged interactions with eagles, whales, and glaciers. These experiences, plus living in Florida’s coastal area and owning horses in Colorado, developed Brad’s love of wildlife and the surrounding environment.

Brad has benefited from the remarkable mix of talented staff and extraordinary animals at Zoology. He loves giving tours and sharing insights of the interwoven tangle between humans and animals. The opportunity to make the Zoology animal’s lives a little better and share their stories is a dream come true.