Our Mission: To improve the lives of animals through educational programming and rescue, and by teaching the connectedness between animals and humans.

Education, rescue, and support are the three main tenants of Zoology Foundation. If we are ever going to get to the point where animals are treated with respect and regarded as gifts to the planet and ourselves, we must start with educating the future generations and changing the current way of thinking. We believe that education is one solution to a better understanding of animals as living, feeling beings that deserve the dignity of a cruelty free life.

Through multi-media programs geared towards schools, we hope to engage children to want to be stewards of animals, and to protect and respect their place on our planet.

Our Rapid Response Rescue program was created to provide support and logistics to rescue organizations, in emergency situations that threaten the welfare of animals and their caretakers. The Zoology Foundation is committed to supporting those rescue organizations that best work towards the betterment of animals with funding grants.

What we seek is an understanding that animals deserve respect and the right to a humane existence.