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Community Engagement

Become a Community Hero!

Our Community Engagement program is designed to bring together people from around the globe to make positive change for our world.  We believe that working together is the best way to make change. This program allows anyone anywhere to participate in our challenges, activities, and discussions centered around compassion for humans, animals, and the environment. We invite you to visit often, spread the word, and engage with ZoFo in making a more humane world!

Let's Work Together


Community Heroes in the News

Your dose of amazing people doing great things for our world!

This month, Read about Steve Greig, a man who adopts senior and special needs pets to give them all a loving home!

Read About the Bill


Here, we'll suggest challenges in which you can participate and share!

This month is all about love! Write a letter to 5 different people in your life telling them how much you appreciate and love them. Take it a step further and do something kind for that individual!

Families Activities

Spread the love this month by contacting a local rescue and asking them what items they need donated! Gather those items with your friends and family to make March extra special for pets living in rescues and shelters!