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Humane World Heroes

Become a Humane World Hero!

Our Humane World Heroes program is designed to bring together people from around the globe to make positive change for our world.  We believe that working together is the best way to make change. This program allows anyone anywhere to participate in our challenges, activities, and discussions centered around compassion for humans, animals, and the environment. We invite you to visit often, spread the word, and engage with ZoFo in making a more humane world!

Let's Work Together


Humane Heroes in the News

Your dose of amazing people doing great things for our world!

This week, learn about "The Conservation Kid" and his mission to educate people on single-use plastic!

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Here, we'll suggest challenges in which you can participate and share!

This week, go on a walk with your family or friends and pick up 10 pieces of trash! After you complete your challenge, e-mail us a picture to share on our website!

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Get out in Nature!

Activities you can do with your family and friends to spend more time in nature!

This week, find a trail you can explore!

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