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Do you love animals, being outside in nature, or making positive changes in our world? Then we would love to have YOU join ZoFo’s C.A.M.E.L. Club!

Youth ages 5-17 are welcome to join us from all around the world to participate in activities, challenges, and events centered on building empathy and compassion for humans, non-human animals, and the environment. The C.A.M.E.L. club gives you the opportunity to connect with kids who think and believe just like you from all over the world in unique, fun, and engaging ways.

All members take the C.A.M.E.L. Pledge:

“I pledge to Commit to Animals, Mankind, and the Environment for Life.”

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Club Activities

Print me!

Check back often to download our activity sheets! Activities include coloring pages, crosswords, and word searches!

Spending time at home with your pets? Print out and complete these pet needs coloring sheets! This will help you learn more about animal needs, which will make you and your pet happy! Don't have a dog or cat? Do some extra research on what your other pet needs!

Get the Coloring Pages!

Club Challenge

Participate in our challenges with your friends and family! Take a picture when you've completed the challenge, e-mail it back to us, and we will share it on instagram!

While you're at home practicing social distancing, use the instructions on the button below to make paper straws, or find other ways to help your family or the environment from home! Other examples include planting or helping out in the garden, reading to your siblings, writing letters to seniors in retirement communities, or even writing letters to your HOA encouraging them to start a recycling program!

Make your own Straws!

Spreading Kindness!

Read about amazing youth and animals in the news!

Now is your chance to become a Humane Hero! Check out this article on acts of kindness you can do to help spread love!

Get Ideas!

Club Levels


Toogie's Tots

For our tots ages 5-7, we introduce them to the world of respecting animals and the environment. We ignite a curiosity by learning more within the field of humane education.


ZoFo Explorers

Explorers (ages 8-12) dive deeper into topics and learn about the responsibility we have to animals and the environment, and how we play within that on a daily basis. Empathy grows and curiosity expands into research and realizing the logistics of how we are all connected, and how important that connection is for all life.


ZoFo Defenders

Defenders are teens who act on their education through service and advocacy. They learn leadership skills and how to be a voice for all living things.