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Conservation and Covid-19

Posted on: May 6th, 2020

The past month has brought on new, unprecedented challenges for all. Inability to find necessities, finding new ways to stay in touch without face to face interaction, and above all, devastating loss.

We have found that it can be difficult in this time to stay positive, but we are trying our best. Some of the positive outcomes we have seen are communities banding together to honor our frontline heroes (e.g. Colorado residents howl outdoors every night at 8 PM to thank healthcare workers), resiliency and ability to connect with others in new ways, and significant changes to the environment. As an organization that teaches connection and conservation, these are all very important and encouraging for us.

One of the ways we can help our followers during this time is through encouraging conservation practices. Not only will this help continue positive, environmental change, it will also be helpful for you if you are having trouble finding supplies, such as paper goods, and save you money. Many stores are starting to get back to normal stocking abilities, but why not take this time to make some changes? Here are a few suggestions, using common household items, that can benefit you and the environment:

It is hard to say what the world will look like moving forward. We keep hearing that it is time for things to go back to normal and the way things were. While we hope that we are soon able to meet people again, open businesses to support our local communities, and overall get back to a space of interaction, we also hope that some of the positive outcomes will remain. Find ways to connect with new people, keep the new found camaraderie with your community, support one another, and make positive changes for the environment.

This is our world, we all play a part in caring for it. Stay healthy and safe!

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