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Day to Day at the Sanctuary

Posted on: November 2nd, 2018

Have you ever visited an animal sanctuary and wondered how the day-to-day looks? Well, wonder no more! Our staff is happy to share with you everything, both rewarding and tough, that goes into making sure our animals are given the best life! For now, here is a brief introduction!

Our staff is present every day of the year to care for and love on the animals. We are often told, “it must be great to play with animals all day.” And yes, we love getting to spend time with our animals, but there is so much more to sanctuary life! Each day starts with our morning duties, in which we “wake-up” the animals and check to make sure all are healthy!

The next few hours, and many, many more, are spent cleaning. At our sanctuary, we have over 150 animals – that’s a lot of poop! Not only do we clean each of the animal enclosures, but also the general building and grounds. This includes mopping floors, dusting, and washing A LOT of windows. Then comes feeding. Feeding 150 animals takes time but making sure each animal’s diet is nutritional and healthy is an ongoing project at the sanctuary. Research is a constant component of our work to ensure best care practices and feeding needs for each species. Once diets are ready, they are distributed to eager animals!

Next, it’s training and playtime! Each animal requires a different level of attention and enrichment. Whether it is toy time with the cats or ferrets, belly rubs for the pigs, or playing soccer with the camels, we ensure that each animal is given time to enjoy his or her life!

Now, while most days share the same general routine, we never know when a wrench will be thrown into the mix and we must therefore always be extremely flexible while maintaining the high quality of care and attention. These changes include vet appointments, shopping for the animals, grooming time, giving tours, unexpected blizzards, and even the occasional, mischievous attempted break out, which results in unexpected fence rebuilding and enclosure maintenance.

Finally, it is time to tuck the animals in for the night as once again, every animal is given the happy and healthy check! We do this multiple times a day to ensure that nothing strange or risky has happened during the day or overnight.

There you have it, a quick view of a day at our sanctuary! Overall and most importantly, we love and respect each one of our animal residents and strive to give them the best life they can have. Without rescues and sanctuaries, so many animals would never experience happiness and love. Thank you for supporting our efforts here at the Zoology Foundation!

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