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Renovation Campaign

Help us Redo our Ectotherm House!

Over the past year, our needs in one of our enclosures have changed. Originally built for a previous resident, our “ectotherm house” is in need of renovations and we need your help!


Our fundraising goal is $5,000 to cover the costs! This is only possible with generous donations from our awesome supporters like you!

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Who will funds help?

Donations received will help all current and future residents of the ectotherm house, which are animals that rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. We currently have 6 residents living in this enclosure: Irwin the Blue-tongued skink (pictured above), Rocky the Box turtle, Secret the Kenyan sand boa, Pretzel the Ball python, Mary Jane the Chilean Rose Hair tarantula, and Peter the Red rump tarantula.

One of our main goals at ZoFo is to make sure all of our residents have happy and healthy lives. After being abandoned in a tank on the side of the road, Pretzel is ready for her forever home in a brand new enclosure. Similarly, Peter Parker was left in a tank in an apartment, then listed on Craigslist when the people who found him could not care for him. On the more shy side, we want to make sure Peter feels comfortable and safe in his space.

How will funds help?

All contributions will go straight to renovations made in our ectotherm house. These changes include a more suitable soaking pool for the reptiles, terrarium stands to make careĀ  and visitor visibility easier, storage to keep reptile lighting equipment safe, more educational materials for visitors about the species, a reptile exercise area, and more!

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