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Field Trips and Group Tours

Our future lies with our children. What they learn and observe is how they will see the world as they grow up. ​

One of our main pillars is to engage children with educational programs that portray animals as living, feeling beings with a right to a dignified and humane life.  Because they are!  And we believe deeply that more of the world needs to understand that. Chances are, you know the healing power of animals first hand. The power in those unspoken words between animals and humans. By working with organizations and groups, we utilize our staff and sanctuary to create immersive activities for youth or adult enrichment that help anyone experience the incredible journey that stems from meeting and engaging with our animals.

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Visit with your School!

Field trips at the sanctuary are entertaining programs rooted in humane education that provide a hands-on learning experience about the sanctuary’s residents as well as the importance of respecting all living beings.  ZoFo staff works together with educators to provide supplemental materials that align with classroom curriculum and standards, and that will inform and entertain children as they learn about the value of animals beyond their time at the sanctuary.

The cost for field trips is $10/person. Please contact us for information on group sizes and availability.

Tour with your Special Group!

In addition to school field trips, ZoFo is happy to offer educational programs at the sanctuary for non-profits, scouts, and other groups looking for a unique experience for their members.

Cost for our special group tours is $12/person. ZoFo is restricted on the number of group tours we can run each calendar year, so book early! Please contact us today to set up your group tour!

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To learn more or to schedule an educational program at the sanctuary, please contact us at 303-951-8813 or info@zoologyfoundation.org.