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Research Study at ZoFo

Posted on: January 2nd, 2019

Our program director, Maggie, is currently participating in a research study with the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at the University of Denver and the Humane Education Coalition, which will assess the state of humane education (HE) in the United States. Humane Education is the teaching of empathy and compassion for all living things. While 18 states currently mandate some form of humane education in schools, the policies are rarely enforced and teachers are unaware of their existence. The current research study will help guide ZoFo and other humane educators on how to move forward in promoting better HE policy in schools, as well as program development in general. In order to get a complete picture, we are aiming for 50 responses from all 50 states and DC. Participants will have the choice to be entered into a drawing for one of six, $500 gift cards towards packages for their school. Packages include sustainable school supplies, books, and dissection alternative kits.

Research brings growth and knowledge to various fields, and is greatly needed in the field of HE. Since education is important to the growth of programming at ZoFo, we are very excited to participate in this study and look forward to sharing our findings!

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