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The Sanctuary

The Zoology Foundation’s sanctuary is located at Crooked Willow Farms in Larkspur, Colorado. Since our establishment in 2009 with our first resident, Chewie the camel, the sanctuary has grown into a home for a wide variety of animal species, many of whom have been rescued or surrendered. The care and happiness of all animals that reside here is our number one priority. By honoring their stories and knowing each animal as an individual, we hope to show the importance of animals in our lives and increase respect for all living things in our world.

Meet Our Residents

Animal Husbandry Philosophy

At Zoology Foundation we commit to giving the animals in our care a forever home that is as happy and free of stress as possible. Through training and enrichment, we hope to decrease the amount of stress the animals feel during their necessary daily care and vet care. We also aim to promote each individual’s confidence and resiliency. These animal husbandry programs will enhance the safety for animals, staff, and guest interactions.

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FAQs About our Sanctuary

Can I visit the sanctuary?

YES! For more information, go to our tours page.

Do you have a volunteer program?

Currently, the Zoology Foundation does not offer a volunteer program. We know that volunteers programs can be very beneficial and have appreciated all of the volunteers we have had work with us in the past.  To follow Zoology Foundation happenings, please sign-up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

Where do your animals come from?

ZoFo currently has about 150 animals onsite. A majority of our animals are rescues or owner surrenders. For whatever reason, if a previous family is no longer able to take care of their animals, they will contact us to surrender their animal. Learn some of our animal’s stories by visiting our residents page!

I can no longer take care of an animal, can I please bring it to Zoology?

In order to surrender an animal to the Zoology Foundation, you must first fill our a surrender form. This, as well as additional information, can be found on our request support page. If we are unable to take that animal for whatever reason, we work hard to help you find a suitable home that will work out.

Additionally, if you find a domestic or wild animal that may need help, we encourage you to check out the resource page to figure out the best plan of action for that animal