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In-School Initiatives

Plan a C.A.M.E.L. Rally

Looking for a fun, educational activity for your students or members?

ZoFo is happy to come to you and provide a C.A.M.E.L. Rally! If you are in the Denver metro or Colorado Springs areas, we’re excited to offer school assemblies, classroom programs, conferences, or educational programs for your group (e.g. scouts, home school).  Our program is based in humane education principles and can be tailored to meet your program’s needs concerning time, activities, and more. Because we’ve worked extensively with schools and other organizations in the past, we understand how to create maximum impact within the constraints of what you need to satisfy.

Not in our travel zone?  We can assist in connecting your organization with other humane educators in your area!

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Take the Pledge

All youth involved in our rallies leave having taken our C.A.M.E.L. Pledge:

“I Commit to Animals, Mankind, and the Environment for Life”

What is Humane Education?

The Academy of Prosocial Learning provides a comprehensive definition of humane education:

Humane education encourages cognitive, affective, and behavioral growth through personal development of critical thinking, problem solving, perspective taking, and empathy as it relates to people, animals, the planet, and the intersections among them. Education taught through the lens of humane pedagogy supports more than knowledge acquisition, it allows learners to process personal values and choose prosocial behaviors aligned with those values. (https://www.prosocialacademy.org/)

Additional benefits of HE programs are character building and the promotion of a responsible and caring society.

Our Values