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The Camels that Started it All!

Posted on: September 2nd, 2018

From orphaned babies to sanctuary kings, camel buddies Chewie and Han Solo are two of our largest and most popular residents at the Zoology Foundation’s sanctuary. Chewie arrived at the sanctuary after he was listed on Craigslist, thus making him the first official resident of the Zoology Foundation’s sanctuary. Soon after, Han Solo was found as a companion for Chewie, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Whether they are grazing in their field, running laps, or giving kisses to our staff and visitors, these two young boys lead a happy and fulfilling life!

A simple internet search for “camel enrichment” does not yield the thousands of results you would get when searching for cat or dog enrichment. Because we have exotic animals at the sanctuary, our staff is constantly trying to find new ways, often through trial and error, to keep these animals happy and engaged. While Chewie and Han Solo love their daily treat visit and getting brushed, the staff knows that these simple tasks are not enough to keep these two boys loving their lives!

Last year, we came across a picture of a camel playing with a ball. We thought, why not? We decided to purchase a giant, 40-inch jolly ball, and then threw it into the camels’ field to see if they would like it. While apprehensive at first, they soon realized the joy of playing soccer! Now on nice days, the boys can be seen joyfully kicking and pushing their soccer balls around their field!

Finding enriching activities for the camels, and all of the other animals at the sanctuary, is a daily task and will never end. Even if we find an activity an animal likes, that does not guarantee they will like it the next day or down the road. Plus, wouldn’t you get bored doing the same activity every day? Enrichment is a crucial component to animal care and the funding of our animals.

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