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The Animal Sanctuary Project

Our Goals for the Future

Working Together

The Animal Sanctuary Project is a new concept for Zoology Foundation and is currently in developmental stages, but the idea behind it is something that fits so seamlessly with our mission and values that we’re thrilled to give you this sneak peek and keep you posted as it develops.

We believe that working with other sanctuaries and educational programs facilitated by animals, we can have more impact together than we can on our own.

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Our Vision

  • A “share group” of 12 sanctuaries nationally that are willing to talk about and share their successful programs, animal care protocol, understanding the multiple regulatory agencies, fundraising ideas, etc. In addition, a place where the sanctuary can go to safely discuss some of their struggles and brainstorm together. Ideally, this share group could spread beyond the group of 12 or form other small groups with the structure developed in our beta model.
  • “Excellence in Animal Care” bi-annual conference with prominent speakers in multiple animal related fields.
  • Zoology Foundation sponsored business and accounting specialists to assist qualifying non-profits in business matters so they can be financially successful in order to reach their goals and carry out the mission they are passionate about.

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