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Welcome to Zofo!

Posted on: June 2nd, 2018

Welcome to the Zoology Foundation at Crooked Willow Farms! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal sanctuary that also provides education on animal welfare and funding to rescue organizations. Starting now, we’re excited to take you inside our organization where you can learn about the animals and their stories, and what it takes to run an animal sanctuary. You will get to know our animals intimately and ultimately, we hope, you will fall in love with them as we have!

Founder and animal lover, Jami Jensen, established the Zoology Foundation’s sanctuary in 2009. Jensen has been passionate about animals her whole life, especially those in need of rescuing and re-homing due to improper care. Her vision for the foundation started with her interest in owning a camel. At a casual dinner with friends that would end up shaping her future, a friend mentioned that you could find anything on Craigslist, to which Jensen replied, I bet you can’t find a camel! Of course, that led to the Craigslist camel search that yielded the ad for an orphaned baby camel that needed a new home.

Baby Chewbacca, or Chewie, came to live with Jensen at the farm, soon followed by another orphaned camel, Han Solo, that was found as a companion for Chewie. From the adoption of these two sweet boys, the sanctuary was born!

Each animal that becomes a permanent resident at the sanctuary is given the best care possible. The staff works every day to ensure these animals receive the love and attention they deserve. Additionally, each animal has a unique story on how he or she came to the sanctuary. Some, such as Surprise the wallaby came from a hoarding situation. Cinnamon the cow lived alone in a field clearly neglected and abused with cigarette burns, so Jensen knocked on her owner’s door to buy her and bring her to sanctuary. Bullwinkle the tortoise was left abandoned on our front door step. No matter how each animal arrived at the sanctuary, they are each loved and respected by all of the staff!

Moving forward, the Zoology Foundation is excited about partnering with all of you on upcoming projects! From our Sanctuary Project, to our youth programming, the future is massive for the foundation and we look forward to sharing our compassion for animal welfare with all of you!

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