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ZoFo’s Vision: What is Humane?

Posted on: May 20th, 2020

If you visit our website’s homepage, you will see our vision printed boldly on the home page: “Creating a More Humane World.” But what does this actually mean? You’ve probably heard the term “humane” through animal rescue and shelter operations. However, when breaking down the actual definition of “humane,” it simply means having and showing compassion.

When we create a more humane world, we are not only aiming for compassion for animals, but for our world as a whole. Specifically, we hope to spark compassion for fellow humans, the environment, and yes, non-human animals. The key to our work is an understanding that humans, animals, and the environment are all interconnected, and therefore every action by one affects the others. From this, our work at ZoFo centers on education surrounding those connections as well as compassion development, more commonly known as humane education (scroll down on the page!). Through our educational programs, we are teaching the why and modeling the how on what we can do together to show compassion for our earth.

Examples of our work and educational messaging include:

These examples are just a small piece of working toward a more humane world. To try to present a clearer message, we recently revised our mission statement, which now states:

Inspire positive connections between people, animals, and the environment through education and by providing sanctuary to animals.

Ultimately, we want to be a source of information and a model for making positive choices for all. To do this, we need to engage in learning the impacts we have on each other and ways that have the most benefit and least harm for all. We thank you all for joining us as we work together to create a more humane world.

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