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Donate to ZoFo!

Zoology Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded as an animal sanctuary but has grown into much more! ​We promise to be great stewards of your trust and apply the donations wisely!

How are Donations Used?

Your donations are used in several ways.

  1.  We offer grants to kids whose families would not be able to pay for summer camp activities.  ​This allows some of the kids most in need of humane education and access to animals in a way they may have never experienced.
  2.  We participate in various “rescue” operations on an “as needed” basis in areas such as flood assistance, fire and simply animals in need for a multiple of reasons.  We do not put boots on the ground, but we research each situation presented and donate when we are confident the need is real and the funds will be responsibly used once granted.
  3. Our C.A.M.E.L. Club is a free program for youth around the world to join us in creating a humane world. In order to keep this club free to all, we are always looking for sponsorships and donations to keep this program going.
  4. Coming soon: In the near future, ZoFo will be starting trainings and providing resources for teachers and educators hoping to implement humane education into their classrooms. Educational donations will allow us to reach many teachers and help spread our humane messaging.