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Zoology Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded as an animal sanctuary but has grown into much more! ​We promise to be great stewards of your trust and apply the donations wisely!

How are Donations Used?

Your thoughtful donations are used in several ways to provide the highest quality of care to our residents. Also, donations are used to help provide “rescue” operations around our community on an as-needed basis. This can include rescue from fire, floods, as well as meeting other animal needs.

Below are some practical ways donations are used to support care for our residents.

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Piggy Spa Day

Chevy, Frankie & Sweet Pea are Potbellied & Yorkshire pigs that live at the sanctuary and one of which weighs upwards of 500lbs! With all of that weight to carry, foot care is extremely important. Every six months the pigs take a two-hour trailer ride (one way!) to CSU Vet Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins to take care of any hoof cracks, trimming needs, etc.

Help Provide Care

Specialized Diets

We have 8 cats at Zoology ranging in ages from 5 to 16! As you can imagine given their different ages, they have different nutritional needs. Cats Obie and Stitch all have a renal disease which is very common in older cats. They need a veterinary diet with lower protein values to keep their kidneys happy. Hermione and Panthro, on the other hand, have a sensitive tummy and can only handle a special gastrointestinal food otherwise they will get sick. Harry Potter, Neville, Taco, and Taquito are able to eat most foods. In order to monitor what food they eat and how much, all of the cats are created each morning and afternoon so they can have a peaceful and private meal!

Support Diets

Safety First

Safety is always a concern for all of our animals at the farm. To keep them safe our staff performs monthly checks of every enclosure to ensure any damaged fencing, loose nails, and screws, ground holes, etc. are repaired as soon as possible. Sometimes bigger projects are needed too. Like two years ago, when we decided to completely cover our chicken and guinea hen yards in order to prevent foxes and other predators from being able to enter the yards.

Protect Our Animals

Toys and Treats

Who doesn’t like to treat themselves every so often? We also like to treat our animals! This can be done in a variety of ways like using a Bluetooth speaker to provide natural sounds like birds chirping or rain to the rabbits. Offering different sized tunnels and beds for the ferrets to cuddle in. And PEANUTS, which are an ultimate favorite treat for our sheep, goats, and alpacas!

Help Supply Treats!