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How We Make a Difference

In short, we can’t, without working together. We work to create a more humane world, but we need you in order to get there.

It sounds simple enough but what it really means is, well, a lot. The work we do is multi-faceted, and focused on fostering connection between all living things, increasing our individual and collective capacity for empathy, and ensuring that the way we operate in the world on a daily basis keeps those intrinsic connections at the forefront of our minds, priorities, and actions. Through a combination of educational programs, hands-on camp experiences, sanctuary visits, volunteering opportunities, and more, we help build strong foundations from which people can build lifetimes of humane living and spread that knowledge and passion to their communities. This is our world, we all play a part in caring for it.

We offer a wide range of programs for children of all ages that instill the principles of humane living through hands-on activities and learning. Every living thing on this planet is connected and relies on a careful balance in order to continue existing. Every living thing on this planet deserves compassion and care. We provide the tools to help others navigate the world in a way that offers those things in spades.

Head on over to our Programs page to learn more about everything we do, or contact us if you’re interested in collaborating to create a unique educational program for your organization.

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