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Our Residents

ZoFo Residents

The ZoFo sanctuary is home to approximately 80 animals of varying species including exotic, farm, and domestic. Once an animal calls ZoFo home, we do not intend to rehome them. Changing homes can be very stressful on an animal and may of the critters in our care have come from multiple previous homes already. That is why we believe in caring for them for the long term to provide consistency and stability. ZoFo also does not participate in intentional breeding. There are always special circumstances such as taking in an animal who is pregnant or if an animal unexpectedly isn't thriving in our care. We do as much research as we can into an animal's history to try to avoid this, but in those rare situations we will have young animals or find better suited homes for an animal. 

Read below to learn about some of our animals' stories!

Meet the Residents