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One of the most famous residents of our sanctuary is our Sulcata tortoise, Toogie. Toogie was taken to a veterinary office by his previous family when they decided he was too big to care for and they no longer wanted him. They asked the vet to have him euthanized, but the vet refused. Fortunately for Toogie, our founder was at the vet’s office and offered to bring him home. He now lives at the sanctuary where he spends his summers sunbathing outside and his winters warm and cozy in his very own greenhouse!

Toogie was hatched in 1999, making him our oldest resident! He enjoys walking around his yard in the summer to find the best grass and taking naps in the shady spots next to his outdoor shed. His favorite treat is a bright red tomato!


Pretzel, the Ball Python, came to ZoFo all the way from Arizona! She was found abandoned on the side of the road in an empty tank. She was under nourished when she first arrived, so we have worked hard to get her on a consistent eating schedule. As Pretzel has become more comfortable in her new home, we have discovered that she is a very mild mannered snake who loves to explore new areas and enrichment items!


Irwin is a Blue-tongued skink who used to be a classroom pet. Unfortunately, due to reptiles naturally carrying salmonella, it was decided that Irwin should go to a different home. He ended up in the care of a part time employe at ZoFo and eventually ended up living at the sanctuary. Irwin is a very chill lizard. He enjoys burying in his moss and eating his favorite foods-snails and eggs!