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Adults with Disabilities Program

Partner With Us

Partnering with other organizations is a rewarding, powerful part of the work we do at ZoFo.

The combined forces of organizations looking to make similar changes in the world is an incredible thing to witness, and we deeply appreciate being part of that. Below are two examples of partnerships we are currently active in, so you can get a taste for how our partnerships work.

Wellspring Community:

At Wellspring Community, their work involves empowering the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or I/DD. Our partnership started in 2017 with a volunteer group of Wellspring participants (STARS) helping to care for the animals. Even though we no longer have volunteers at the foundation, we still provide a program for Wellspring STARS to come to Zoology and learn about our animal’s stories and how to care for them. This program has brought our staff many memorable moments and we hope for the STARS as well!

Sky Cliff Center:

Sky Cliff Center provides care and assistance for adults with disabilities. They aim to help their clients maintain independence and be active community members for as long as possible. Our Sky Cliff partnership also began as a volunteer group. They care for a small collection of animals on their property as well, so many of the participants were already animal lovers! We are happy to continue our collaboration and support for each other with hands on programing for their clients.

Collaborative Services for Change, PC:

Over the past four years, Collaborative Services for Change (CSC) and Zoology Foundation have formed a unique and positive partnership that has allowed clients in adult disability services to experience the joys of the human animal connection through learning about animals and animal care in group day programming and individual sessions.  CSC is a counseling agency centered in Denver that specializes in providing mental health services for people who have intellectual/developmental disabilities or autism.

If you’re ready to start a partnership or create a collaboration with ZoFo, give us a call or send an e-mail today. We’d love to discuss the possibility of creating something world-changing with you.


  • Partners with CSC!
    Partners with CSC!

    “I love it here. I want to move here and be a staff!” -CSC Participant

    “I feel love here.” -CSC Participant

  • We love the STARS!
    We love the STARS!

    “Our Wellspring STARS always look forward to visiting the animals and staff at the Zoology Foundation. With each visit they witness the positive impact they can have in the lives of others and the environment. When the STARS experience this partnership they are offered unique opportunities in which they thrive and always leave with a smile.”

    Liz Kutt, Program Manager at Wellspring