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Italian Bees

ZoFo currently has one bee hive. Bees are extremely important to us because even though they are so small, they play a GIANT role in plant pollination which helps us grow food. Did you know that only female bees have stingers? Female bees, called worker bees, are the dominant force within the hive! They take care of protecting the hive and collecting food. While the male bees, drones, are there to breed with the queen and create more bees. We are proud to be a part of revitalizing bees in our world and spend our time learning about hive maintenance, bee behavior, and other best practices for taking care of our hives.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker, the Red Rump Tarantula, is one of our brightest residents! Literally. Her abdomen is covered in bright red hairs! Her previous owners found her abandoned in an empty apartment upon moving in. Thankfully for her, they decided to try to take care of her. When they no longer could, they listed Peter on Craigslist where ZoFo spotted the ad. As we enjoy educating about a variety of species, we felt that Peter would be an awesome addition to the sanctuary!

Feeder Insects

ZoFo is home to a variety of animals who eat bugs! This includes: toads, lizards, tarantulas, and turtles. Most of these animals prefer live insects as the movement is what triggers them to eat. Just like humans, it is important to feed a variety of foods to our animals because each food has different nutrition. The bugs we commonly have on hand are crickets, mealworms, hornworms, cockroaches, and earthworms. Although we don’t want to hurt any animals, these feeder insects play a very important role in keeping our larger animals alive. We strive to give them a suitable and pleasant habitat while they are in our care.