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Farm Animals


Priscilla is one of four potbellied pigs we have currently at ZoFo. One day we got a call from animal control saying they were looking for a home for a pig who was being housed in a neighborhood that didn't allow people to keep pigs as pets. We were also informed that she was severely overweight and unable to walk well due to overgrown hooves. The first thing we did when she arrived was to take her to Colorado State Veterinary Hospital for a wellness exam, vaccinations, and a much needed hoof trimming. Once she made it to the farm after her vet appointment, she was put on a strict diet to help her lose weight. Now she has lost the weight and able is able to go out to pasture daily with her pig friends, Chevy and Jones!



Sid the sheep was brought to the sanctuary after stealing the heart of ZoFo staff at a local stock show. A talker and a nuzzler, Sid is one of the first to greet you in our goat and sheep yard, and loves a good back and neck rub! Sid’s sweet nature has everyone that meets him wrapped around his hooves!

Chicken Little

The smallest of the bunch, Chicken Little is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat that came to us from Foothills Animal Shelter. We got the call that Foothills had a stray goat – that’s right, a stray goat – that needed a home. What Chicken lacks in stature, he makes up for in personality! You’ll often find him strutting around his yard telling his yard-mates who is boss, demanding extra attention, or helping the staff empty hay from the gator!