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Johnny & Rose

Johnny and Rose are two Mute Swans who live in one of the ZoFo ponds. Johnny originally came to the farm with a different mate named June. Sadly, June passed away due to unknown causes. After her passing, Johnny became inactive and kept searching around the area he last saw her. Because of this, we decided it would be best to find him a new friend. Rose is a female who also lost her mate. Upon first introduction Johnny and Rose acted friendly, but not as close as a mated pair. Over time, their bond has grown and now they spend most of their time together and will do a dance when seeing each other after a separation.


Smokey (bottom) is an African goose who came from another farm when the owner could no longer physically care for them.  Smokey is more on the shy side, but will give a loud “HONK” if she hears her name! Currently, her best friends at the farm are our two swans, Johnny and Rose. Smokey must think they’re better company than our small flock of ducks! Her previous owner loved her very much and regularly visits her at the farm.