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Chewie and Han Solo

Dromedary camel, Chewbacca or “Chewie” for short, was the first official resident at the ZoFo sanctuary. Listed on Craigslist as an unwanted orphan, Chewie came to live at Crooked Willow Farms and instantly bonded with the founder, Jami. She quickly realized he needed a companion and began the search that resulted in bringing Han Solo to the sanctuary to complete the dynamic duo. Another orphaned baby and only one month apart in age, Hans fit right in with best friend Chewie! Although they are not technically brothers, they act like it. They are often seen hanging out together, sharing food, and occasionally annoying each other!

Tommy the Tegu

Tommy is an Argentine black and white tegu. She arrived at the sanctuary at just a couple months old from the founder, in hopes that she would become a friendly reptile education ambassador for ZoFo. Tegus can grow up to 4 feet long, making them a rather large lizard! Although tegus are omnivores, Tommy definitely prefers protein. Her favorite meals include pinkie mice and snails. Especially when the staff mimic live movement by tossing the food across the enclosure! Although she is comfortable with the staff, Tommy does not enjoy being held. She will still gladly come out of hiding, in her enclosure, during a tour to allow guests to see how magnificent she is and to learn about the species.


Cane toad, Lucy, came to the sanctuary as part of our educational programming. Her species is famous in Australia and Florida, where they were introduced as a pest control method for sugar cane crops. With no natural predators, high reproduction rates, and their poisonous capability they have become an invasive species in their non-native locations. Lucy is a great ambassador for teaching about the importance of ecosystem balance and the effects of introducing non-native species to new areas!