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Small Mammals


Niko is ZoFo's rambunctious male ferret! He arrived at the sanctuary after being purchased at a pet store. Soon after he was brought home, his previous owners realized it may not be the best fit. Although they loved him, they often traveled for work and could not find anyone to care for him while they were gone. Niko is albino which means he has white skin/hair and red eyes caused by the absence of melanin. This can cause problems in the development of the eyes, leaving many albino animals with vision and depth perception issues. Niko doesn't let this slow him down! He enjoys exploring new areas and items. Especially if it allows him to dig! Digging is a natural behavior for ferrets and Niko loves to show off his skills whether it's with sand, snow, dry noodles, or blankets.

The Potter Trio

The Potter trio have been with us since they were just a few weeks old in 2015! Harry Potter (black and white), Neville (black), and their sister Hermione (calico) were found in a tree as kittens. For their protection they were removed from the tree and brought to ZoFo. All of them have a very distinct personality. Harry Potter is extremely active and social! He loves sitting in the middle of the room, waiting for attention and parkour. Neville also appreciates pets, but is a bit more subtle. He is extremely smart and loves training sessions with the staff. Hermione is a classic calico-she expects things to be her way or no way at all. She is the most independent of the group, but when she deems you are worthy of her presence she is also the loudest! The three siblings are very close and are often found cuddling together in the afternoons.


Jimmy is a tri colored Dutch rabbit. He came to the sanctuary from a loving home where unfortunately, a family member was allergic to him. Jimmy is a rambunctious alpha male! He believes he is king of the castle and will sometimes try to intimidate staff members when they're cleaning his enclosure. He is also very curious. He loves playing with and ripping apart any toys or enrichment put in his house, then taking a nice nap on his outdoor patio afterwards. Jimmy also participates in training sessions to voluntarily cooperate in tasks such as weighing. Jimmy does not like being picked up, so training him to jump onto the scale himself has been an effective way to reduce his stress.