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We Have Fun

We’re comprised of a small “pack” of professionals that all carry the complimentary passion for humane living, our animals, and all living things. We’re extremely fortunate to have a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who are committed to the foundation and our work every day.

As people move on to other opportunities, we will be seeking the help of others.  Sign up for our newsletter and Like us on Facebook for any job opening announcements.

Many of our pack start as volunteers.  They are the very first to hear about any job opening.  It is a win-win for the volunteer and Zoology Foundation.  Visit our volunteer page for more information.

Stay in the Loop

​Join our pack by donating to the cause!  Your money will go towards scholarships for underprivileged youth, animal rescue, grants and other humane causes. We promise to be great stewards of your trust.