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BonBon: The Warrior of Zoology

Several chickens roaming around.

Though I have quite the reputation and need no introduction typically, my name is BonBon and I am the COR (Chief Operating Rooster) of Zoology Foundation.  Although I have risen through the ranks to my current position, I come from a humble beginning.  I was chosen, along with some other chicks, by a sweet little girl when she visited Tractor Supply.  I was part of what is called a “straight run” which is a group of tiny chicks where the gender has not yet been determined.  We were all taken to a house to live the good life where chickens (not roosters) are allowed.  But as we all grew, it became obvious that I was going to be a very big and handsome rooster.  My family knew there was no hiding me in all my glory so they searched for just the right home that would be deserving of me.  And although I had to say goodbye to my human family, I quickly became just the thing Zoology Foundation didn’t know they needed!

There are two separate coops and yards at Zoology and there are chickens, peacocks, and in my yard, also guinea hens.  My little bird family also has a peahen named Fifi and a peacock named Gaston.  Gaston is always competing with me for the Most Handsome vote.  I just want to tell him to calm down, the guineas just aren’t impressed with you! Secretly though, I think the guineas aren’t that impressed with either of us.

Most days are the same for us birds.  Early in the morning, I will let the pigs, sheep, camels, and goats know its morning with my loud, incessant crowing.  Once that chore is completed, I will have a breakfast of pellets from my feeder and walk the yard, making sure everything is as it should be.  The bipeds (this is what I call my new human servants) look in on us very early, making sure everyone is ready to start the day.  I like to escort the bipeds to the gate, just to let them know I am on the job!  My favorite way to spend a nice sunny day is by always getting in a good dust bath which I find to be very helpful in keeping yucky parasites from making their home in my feathers and skin.  I also really like to eat any insects that make their way into our yard!  Before I have lunch, the bipeds visit again, giving us clean water every day and filling my feeder with pellets.  I like to escort them to the gate again, just to be sure they know who is boss.

Sometimes, several bipeds visit with special tools to trim my impressive spurs. They just can’t appreciate how much I prize my specialized defense system! Thankfully, since I have things under control, the bipeds don’t make special visits often.

Every day ends in the best way possible!  The bipeds bring my prize for all of the hard work I do protecting my bird family and territory – the green bucket!  That bucket is filled with lettuce, fruits, veggies, and chicken worms.  Lately though, the bipeds have been feeding our daily treat up by the shed, they say they are training us to go to a specific area for “evacuation training”.  Whatever that means.  After I grab a few delicious bites, I once again escort them to the gate before running back to get my fill of my healthy treat!

By the end of the day I am weary from the constant need to be on patrol. I put my  companions and myself up in our cozy coop and get some well deserved slumber. Until beginning all over again the next morning…I don’t know what they’d do without me!

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