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Springtime at Zoology Foundation

Spring is in the air, tours are coming!

This past weekend was proof to us that Spring is here.  We saw turtles on the pond that we haven’t seen since last September, indoor and outdoor animals are shedding non-stop and, grass is coming up.  What a welcome change!

We have been readying the property for Public Tours Opening Day which will begin in early May, please refer to our website ( for tour availability, we look forward to meeting you all. 

What you can expect when you come to ZoFo for a tour?  Each tour lasts about 2 hours but can be personalized according to age groups and weather.  You and your group will meet all in the indoor animals (the cats are especially interactive) and then, head outside.  Sid the sheep and Chicken Little our Nigerian Dwarf goat will be their species ambassadors, showing you just how sweet they can be.  All the sheep and goats will love the fresh produce you will be able to offer them.

You will also meet Chevy, our pig representative; she’ll happily show you all the things she is learning in her training. 

One of our most popular residents to learn about is our 125 pound sulcata tortoise, Toogie.  You will often see him patrolling his own personal yard, munching on fresh grass as he goes.  He’ll keep you on your toes, he moves a lot faster than you think he could.  On mellower days, he loves a good rub on the back of his shell.

Next stop will be the alpaca yard as we call it.  Here you will see the alpacas and goats compete with each other for the apples and carrots you can offer them.  Sometimes they get a little too excited and will get into spitting wars with each other, it can be entertaining for sure.

After we wander past the chicken coops, your tour will culminate with a visit with our camels, Han Solo and Chewbacca.  They both are committed to enjoying handouts and photo-ops.  Be sure to have your phones ready for photos!

Be sure to bring jackets, outdoor shoes, water bottles and sunscreen, you know how Colorado weather can be unpredictable.  We look forward to you meeting all our animal friends here at ZoFo.

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