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We regularly receive inquires from individuals who have witnessed animal abuse or injured wildlife, as well as lost pets or animals of all sorts.  A large number of our calls are for re-homing an animal due to life changes like health issues or moving, etc.  There is no “one call does all” approach due to special licensing that is required for various types of animals.  From wildlife, to farm animals or pets, there are specific licensed organizations that can help. Check out the resources below and see who you can contact to be a voice for animals that cannot seek help on their own.


Lost dog, cat, bunny or other house pet?  If you found a lost pet, please bring them to the local shelter as soon as you can. Owners are more likely to search for their missing pet at the shelter closest to their home, so it is important not to take far from the area where it was found.  Below is a list of Denver Metro and Colorado Springs animal shelters.

Castle Rock; contact DDFL’s Buddy Center

Colorado Springs / Pikes Peak Region; contact Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

Denver / Aurora; contact Denver Dumb Friends League

Denver; contact Colorado Humane Society and SPCA

Jefferson County; contact Foothills Animal Shelter

Littleton / Englewood / Centennial; contact Humane Society of the South Platte Valley

Have you witnessed animal cruelty?  Contact Colorado Link Project for information and assistance.  Abusive behavior can manifest in many ways, creating overlaps among child maltreatment, maltreatment of at-risk adults, interpersonal violence, animal maltreatment and criminally. When the human-animal bond is broken by neglect, abuse or violence both humans and animals are victims. The implications for human and animal welfare necessitate viewing the Link as a public safety and human and animal welfare issue.

Have you witnessed Animal Abuse or Neglect?  If you feel like an animal is being abused or neglected, better safe than sorry to report it and let the professionals decide.  Do not intervene yourself as you could be putting yourself in harms way.  Contact those trained to help!

Crime Stoppers-Metro Denver or call 720-913-7867

Denver Dumb Friends League or call 303-751-5772

Colorado Humane Society and SPCA or call 720-241-7111

Do you have a raccoon or squirrel creating havoc at your home?  For humane removal of nuisance animals or advice on how to do it yourself, contact Urban Wildlife Rescue.  They also help with wildlife rehabilitation.

Have you found an orphaned animal OR an injured animal?  According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, “It is illegal to attempt to rehabilitate injured or orphaned wildlife without state and federal permits”.  Wildlife includes bats, deer, bears, mountain lions, elk, squirrels, raccoons, birds of all kind, etc.  Contact Animal Help Now for specific instructions on where to find help in your area for the type of animal in need.  Animal Help Now is a directory of rehab professionals in your area.

Are you witnessing an animal in distress?  To find out the nearest Colorado Parks and Wildlife office near you, go to Colorado Parks & Wildlife
and find the location nearest you or call 303-297-1192 during business hours.  Do not approach the animal as you may be putting yourself or the animal at risk.

Do you know of any captive born carnivores that should be cared for in a sanctuary?  A captive born carnivore take a special sanctuary to properly and safely care for them.  Captive born carnivores include lions, bears, wolves, tigers, etc.  The Wild Animal Sanctuary is the gold star of care for these animals.  For help, e-mail or call 303-536-0118

Do you own or know of a farm animal or other domestic breed in need of help or re-homing?  This is where Zoology Foundation can help.  Domestic and farm animals include a wide variety of animals like goats, donkeys, alpaca, pigs, lizards, ferrets, turtles and tortoises, etc.  If looking for a home for a pet (like dogs and cats) please refer to the first section regarding pets.  To fill out a surrender application please visit the Request Support page. For other help or advice E-mail us or call us at 303-951-8813. You can also find us on Facebook.