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NOTICE: Due to limited space, we are not currently able to take in any small animals or birds at this time.


ZoFo Animal Surrenders

ZoFo's main job is to provide sanctuary to animals in need of a home. We do not breed animals and rarely adopt out animals that come to us.

As you can imagine, we don't always have room for another animal as we have limits both in terms of space and staff.  If we cannot take in an animal due to breed, county regulations, or physical space, we will direct you to other resources that may be able to help.  In addition, we normally do not adopt dogs UNLESS they are livestock guard dogs.  Dogs typically need to go to a kennel, which operates under a kennel license, so organizations like the Denver Dumb Friends League or any of the local humane societies would be more appropriate.  We also empower you by offering a resource page where you can call the appropriate organizations to help in your quest.

The best way to help us determine if we can accept your animal is to provide as much information as possible in the Animal Surrender Form.

We are also not licensed for wildlife (deer, raccoons, birds, rabbits, etc.) or large exotics (lions, giraffes, monkeys, etc.)  Please refer to our resource page to find the correct points of contact for these types of animals.

We genuinely appreciate your understanding and support.

If you are interested in surrendering an animal to Zoology Foundation, first please visit our resource page to determine if  Zoology is the right fit. Please note that we are a fairly small sanctuary and will only take in an animal if we believe we have the time, space and resources to give them the best care possible. If you would still like to submit a surrender application, please fill out the following form.