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How can Zoology Foundation Help?

NOTICE: Due to limited space, we are not currently able to take in any small animals or birds at this time.

Cupid and Zoey's Story

Cupid and Zoey are two Great Pyrenees dogs that came from a local rescue.  Not all dogs want to live in a home, and these two really needed a job, as that is what this breed needs in its life to be fulfilled and happy.  They truly are livestock guard dogs.  They watch over our heard of alpaca and goats to make sure predators do not attack in the night when the sanctuary is quiet.  Neither Cupid or Zoey care too much for humans, they just want to do their job.  Dogs like Cupid and Zoey have a place, but it’s not going to be in an apartment or maybe not even with a family.  These two working dogs have flourished at Zoology Foundation and we are lucky to have them protect the herd.  This is just one great example of how we can help connect animals that need a home (or farm) to flourish.  Zoology Foundation strives to help those we can help to find the perfect situation for other pets needing to be re-homed.

Zoology Foundation is several things, and one of those things is an animal sanctuary.  As an animal sanctuary, we house animals for life.  We do not breed animals.  Rarely do we allow our animals to be adopted.

As you can imagine, we rarely have room for another animal as we too have limits both in terms of space and staff.  If we cannot take in an animal due to breed, county regulations as to specific breeds we can house, or physical space, we will help however we can.  In addition, we normally do not adopt dogs UNLESS they are livestock guard dogs.  Dogs typically need to go to a kennel, which operates under a kennel license, so something like the Denver Dumb Friends League or any of the local humane societies would be more appropriate.  We also empower you by offering a resource page where you can call the appropriate organizations to help in your quest.

We are licensed to provide support for many situations such as: periodic adoptions of animals to a forever home when and if we have a place for them, and a limited number of animal species. As you can imagine, we do operate at our maximum capacity most of the time. If we are unable to take in an animal, we can direct you to other resources while we reach out to our vast network to try and find a solution for the animal(s) in need.

We are also not licensed for wildlife (deer, raccoons, birds, rabbits, etc.) or exotics (lions, giraffes, monkeys, etc.)  Please refer to our resource page to find the correct points of contact for these types of animals.

In addition, Zoology Foundation helps when we can with animal victims of flood, fire, or other natural disaster.  We get quite a few requests and must evaluate each to make sure we not only have the funds, but it must fit within our non-profit mission to qualify.  For example, during the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, we sent several trailer loads of hay to various spots in Texas to help feed the animals who’s food supply was lost in the flood.  This would be a good example of how we can help.  If you feel that the Zoology Foundation can assist, or you need further information on where to go to help an animal in need, please fill out the contact us form and be as specific as possible about the need.  We are a small staff, but we will do our best to respond within 24 hours.  If this is considered an emergency or the animal is in distress, please call 911, then fill out the form and text or call us at 303-951-8813 and let us know that you have an emergency request.


If you are interested in surrendering an animal to Zoology Foundation, first please visit our resource page to determine if  Zoology is the right fit. Please note that we are a fairly small sanctuary and will only take in an animal if we believe we have the time, space and resources to give them the best care possible. If you would still like to submit a surrender application, please fill out the following form.

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