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ZoFo Residents

The ZoFo sanctuary is home to approximately 150 animals of varying animals including exotic, farm, and domestic species. Once at our sanctuary, the animals are given optimal care, enrichment, and lots of love. It is rare that we re-home an animal once it comes to the sanctuary and we do no breeding. Most of our residents were rescued or surrendered by their previous owners. Meet some of our residents below!

Meet the Residents



Small Mammals


Farm Animals








Chewie and Han Solo

Dromedary camel, Chewbacca or “Chewie” for short, was the first resident at the Zoology Foundation’s sanctuary. Listed on Craigslist as an unwanted orphan, Chewie came to live at Crooked Willow Farms and instantly bonded with the founder. She quickly realized he needed a companion and began the search that resulted in bringing Han Solo to the sanctuary to complete the dynamic duo. Another orphaned baby, Hans fit right in with best friend Chewie, and today the two are a happy pair that look forward to giving camel kisses to staff and guests daily!


Tommy the Tegu

Tommy is an Argentine black and white tegu. He arrived at the sanctuary at just a couple months old. He was surrendered by his previous owner in hopes that he would become a friendly reptile education ambassador for ZOFO. Tegus can grow up to 4 feet long, making them a rather large lizard! So in order to keep Tommy friendly, we spend a lot of time with him so he will be used to the staff and other people. Although tegus are omnivores, Tommy definitely prefers protein. His favorite meals include pinkie mice and snails. Especially when the staff mimic live movement by tossing the food across his enclosure!



Cupid and Zoey

As we are located in the foothills of the Rockies, we have a variety of predators in the area. Thankfully, our livestock guardian dogs do a great job at protecting our other residents. Adopted from the Great Pyrenees Rescue, Zoey and Cupid are experts in their field! They keep a careful watch on the animals between napping and wrestling!


Lovingly referred to as the “king of the zoo,” senior cat, Stitch, is perhaps the biggest cuddler at the sanctuary. Stitch showed up on a pervious staff member’s doorstep. When he did not work out in her home, she brought him to the sanctuary where he has lived a happy life! Boss and best friend to all other cats and the first to welcome all visitors, Stitch has definitely earned his royal title!



Nala is one of two ferrets who currently reside at Zoology Foundation. Her and her pal, Niko, came to us from a woman who could no longer care for them due to the amount of time she traveled for work. Nala and Niko were only 6 months old when they came to live here and have been an absolute delight!  They love to wrestle, explore, play and live up to their mischievous ferret reputation!


Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Basil, remains a mystery to us. After he was left in a box on our doorstep with his best friend Sorrel, it quickly became clear that these two had a rough past with humans. While Basil cowered and shook when humans were near, Sorrel would run and defend herself. After spending a few years at the sanctuary with a great deal of careful socialization, the two are now more trusting of our staff and volunteers and will even accept a gentle pet or two!


Sweat Pea

Big girl with a big personality, Sweet Pea, came to the sanctuary from a scientific research facility. Destined to be put down at the end of her study, Sweet Pea did her best to win the hearts of the researchers before her time came. She succeeded, and we were asked to please take her as they couldn’t imagine putting her down. The researchers agreed to try to find homes for all of their pigs going forward. Now, Sweet Pea is a happy camper at ZOFO! She is very vocal and screams in excitement for her daily breakfast and dinner filled with fresh fruits and veggies, enjoys rooting around in the mud, and receives her favorite stress reliever…belly rubs!


Cosmos arrived at Zoology Foundation with his aged mother and several of our goats and sheep.  He is a long-term resident who now has Daphne as his other llama friend.  Both of our llamas love to take long naps between meals and watch all goings-on at the Zoo from their favorite dirt patches.

His expressive ears and teeth clicking never leave a doubt about his opinions!

Patty and Peppermint

Patty was on her way to slaughter when a friend of the foundation asked us to rescue her. She came to the sanctuary and instantly bonded with our three other cows. After a few months, we noticed Patty was becoming more and more plump each day. The vet confirmed, she was expecting! In February of 2018, baby Peppermint was born and now lives happily with the herd!


Sid the sheep was brought to the sanctuary after stealing the heart of ZoFo staff at a local stock show. A talker and a nuzzler, Sid is one of the first to greet you in our goat and sheep yard, and loves a good back and neck rub! Sid’s sweet nature has everyone that meets him wrapped around his hooves!

Chicken Little

The smallest of the bunch, Chicken Little is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat that came to us from Foothills Animal Shelter. We got the call that Foothills had a stray goat – that’s right, a stray goat – that needed a home. What Chicken lacks in stature, he makes up for in personality! You’ll often find him strutting around his yard telling his yard-mates who is boss, demanding extra attention, or helping the staff empty hay from the gator!




One of the most famous residents of our sanctuary is our Sulcata tortoise, Toogie. Toogie was taken to a veterinary office by his previous family when they decided he was too big to care for and they no longer wanted him. They asked the vet to have him euthanized, but the vet refused. Fortunately for Toogie, our founder was at the vet’s office and offered to bring him home. He now lives at the sanctuary where he spends his summers sunbathing outside and his winters warm and cozy in his very own greenhouse!


Pretzel, the Ball Python, came to ZOFO all the way from Arizona! She was found abandoned on the side of the road in an empty tank. She was under nourished when she first arrived, so we have worked hard to get her on a consistent eating schedule. As Pretzel has become more comfortable in her new home, we have discovered that she is a very mild mannered snake who loves to explore new areas and enrichment items!


Cane toad, Lucy, came to the sanctuary as part of our educational programming. Her species is famous in Australia and Florida, where they were introduced as a pest control method for sugar cane crops. With no natural predators, high reproduction rates, and the fact that cane toads are poisonous, they have become an invasive species in their non-native locations. Lucy is a great ambassador for teaching about the importance of ecosystem balance and the effects of introducing non-native species to new areas!


Italian Bees

ZoFo currently has two bee hives. Bees are extremely important to us because even though they are so small, they play a GIANT role in plant pollination which helps us grow food. Did you know that only female bees have stingers? Female bees, called worker bees, are the dominant force within the hive! They take care of protecting the hive and collecting food. While the male bees, drones, are there to breed with the queen and create more bees. We are proud to be a part of revitalizing bees in our world and spend our time learning about hive maintenance, bee behavior, and other best practices for taking care of our hives.

Red Rump Tarantula

Peter Parker, the Red Rump Tarantula, is one of our newest residents! His previous owners found him abandoned in a tank in an empty apartment and brought him home. When they could no longer care for him, they listed Peter on Craigslist where ZoFo spotted his ad. As we enjoy educating with a variety of species, we felt that Peter would be an awesome addition to the sanctuary!



Gaston is one of our male peacocks that came to us after he and his friends were abandoned at their previous home. We received a call from someone who had purchased a new home, and with it came three peacocks that the previous owners left behind. The new owners began reaching out to various places to see if they could give the peafowl a good home, and Zoology was happy to do so! Now Gaston lives happily at the sanctuary showing off his beautiful tail feathers and rambunctious voice!

Bon Bon

Bon Bon is one of our feistiest residents and always keeps our staff and volunteers on their toes. He came to us after he was kicked out of his town due to noise ordinances. Bon Bon’s family loved him very much but did not want him to be taken, so instead they surrendered him to the sanctuary. He is definitely the boss of his coop and can often be found having crowing wars with the roosters in our other coop!


Tyrone is one of many, resident ducks at the sanctuary. Each of our ducks is an owner surrender, and they have all bonded nicely! Tyrone is easy to spot as he is an Indian Runner Duck. Like a penguin, Tyrone stands upright and instead of waddling, he runs! While our ponds have many visiting geese and ducks throughout the year, Tyrone and his buddy, Tucker, make sure everyone knows the pond is their home! You will often find them diving for treats and taking sunny naps on the shore.